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Volt Modding an Alienware M14x R1, (I need advice from the TechInferno squad!)

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Hey guys!

I just joined TechInferno and I've always been into tweaking computers and just being a techie but this is the first time I'm going to tweak around with BIOS or anything like that.

I love my Alienware M14x R1. I know a lot of people hate on it, but for what it is, it's pretty solid.

I have the standard GT555m Graphics Card, and 6 GB RAM, and have been using MSI Afterburner to Overclock the GPU to around 720-750 but I really would like to use a Volt Mod because I heard the clock speeds can go beyond 800.

I'll be honest... I just want to play some Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on this thing. I used to have it on the PS4, but hooking up your laptop to an HDMI and playing games on the big screen just seems like such a bigger accomplishment. I can run textures on HIGH and environmental qualities on LOW, because once you kick it up to MEDIUM, all the foliage and tree textures kick in, and I don't think the Alienware can handle all those blades of grass swaying in the wind.

Can anyone give me some tips? I really would like to download the A08 Volt Mod on this site, but it tells me I'm a newcomer and I have to post a certain amount. Does this post count? What can I do to contribute?

Thanks, team.

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