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How to modify EC to change Fans profile?


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Hi. I'm having a Clevo W370ST with i7 CPU and I\ve noticed, that even when CPU throttling, the fan operates only at half-speed. Of course I could always press Fn+1 but I'm a bit lazy so I think about different solution.

I already know a little about BIOS Mods, but I haven't found a tool to actually modify the EC. I've tried to learn how it works with RW Everything and Hex Editor but I don't think that's a good approach.

Can anyone tell my if there is a tool to modify the fan profile in my EC file?

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The CPU throttles not only during high temps but also ones watt limits are reached. You can set them in the Mod BIOS.

EC's are directly hosted in the EC controller and altering is more than likely causing permanent bricks.

A non permanent solution like via RWE is possible but you'll have to diff a lot of readings and dig into it...

Make sure you use the latest BIOS & EC.

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I have definitly problem with temps. I get 100 degree with Turbo on and about 85 without turbo (Tested with AIDA64 and FurMark). Fan is clean and I have applied MX-4 thermal component to both CPU and GPU. I just want to modify my EC file so it gets from 0% by 50 degree up to 100% by 80 degree, so I don't have to use Fn+1 anymore.

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Did you make any progress on this?

I was also struggling to find a way to control the fans via modifying the EC.


I found a way to pin the fans to a certain fan speed writing to the EC using a simple Linux tool I adapted from someone: https://github.com/davidrohr/clevo-indicator if you want to try, Obviously, I cannot take any responsibility for it.

My findings are summarized here: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10746-fan-curve-of-clevo-p775dm3-laptop-and-running-linux-on-it/

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