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[Upgrade] m14x R1 to R2

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Nothing too exciting for this upgrade. Since the Alienware m14x R1 and R2 share the same chassis and such, it's a pretty straight forward upgrade. If you have a R1 you will need:

R2 motherboard

R2 heatsink

That's it!

1. Tear down till you get to mobo


2. Take of HS and see taht they are in fact different (GPU holes don't line up and such):


New mobo back (top I guess):


New mobo front (bottom I guess):


Better GPU!


Such paste. Very cooling.


3 (skip a few) here lol.... dat BIOS:


Bootin into Win8 (UEFI with Fast Boot):


That's about it, just showing that it's doable!

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would this be applicable to m17xr3 upgrade to an m17xr4 motherboard??

From a quick glance it might be doable. They have the same board shape and such. Even the port layout is the same.

So it's more than likely doable. Go for it :D

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Would a Sandy Bridge CPU run on those new Ivy Bridge mobos? im planning to buy the R2 mobo and replace my m14xr1 mobo but i don't think i have enough cash right now to buy an ivy bridge cpu with it. I know the socket is practically the same but the chipset is different if i'm not mistaken. Therefore would it present any complication if i were to use my old cpu with the new mobo?

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