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Need Force Flash Clarifications


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Hi everyone, I've been looking at tons of threads and getting mixed results when trying to find the correct way to force flash the bios. Some say to rename the file I want to flash to M14R2.hdr where others say to name it M14R2.fd and then I found a recovery thread that says to name it


here's that thread:


so that makes me think it must depend on the type of bios I'm trying to force flash. Basically the problem is I was on bios A08 stock and tried to go to a08 unlocked (by force flashing) from this thread:


got the beeps, it rebooted and it just stayed on a black screen. Now it will only turn on and just sit there. I've tried pulling CMOS battery and letting sit there and get the same results so I'm trying to figure out how to get this back to working condition. Could use some help if you have ideas

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