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HDMI problem w230st


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Hi, I have the prema mod bios (w230st 1.1) installed for a long time, but since 2 weeks ago the hdmi output doesn´t work.

With my normal monitor it works but it doesn´t work with the tv.

When I start the pc with my monitor it works without problems in windows, bios, etc. but with the TV it´s impossible.

I’ve tried everything, a new hdmi cable, other hdmi port in the TV...

It´s says panasonic TV and i can change the 50/60Hz , resolution but no way.

I´ve reinstalled windows 8 and linux.

The only thing I can do is reinstalling the prema bios, can I do that?

It´s not an update, it´s the same bios so I don´t know if y can do that.

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