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Help needed extracting and remerging vBios from Dell BIOS plz.

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Hiya everyone,

I just signed up to the forums after finding a thread here that caught my eye.... techinferno.com/index.php?/topic/18756-please-help-me-edit-vbios-overclocking-of-quadro-k1100m-self-solved-successfully/


The guy that posted was able to overclock his old Quadro to 750m speeds, while pitiful by todays standards it's still a big improvment on the k1100m.

I have an old Dell Precision m3800 with an i7-4712hq - discrete Quadro k1100m - and a 4k touchscreen, it's old but more than capable of anything I would use it for.

I've read his thread and several more attempting the same thing I found on various forums, and so far I have managed to extract my original Dell a14 BIOS using AFUWIN. I tried to extract the vBios from there using various software including SIV Utility which the guy in the above thread used, but they all are different sizes, ranging from 95 to 256 kb and not the 98kb which (i think) it should be.

From what I've read I am not able to flash a vBios on the m3800 on its own, it must be as part of a full BIOS flash, so what I am asking is for help to extract my vBios from my original BIOS file, I can then edit in KeplerBiosTweaker1.27 and merge the vBios and full BIOS back together again, even if it's possible to replace the modded vBios from that guys post with the one in mine, although his is from a different laptop it should still work, right??


Anyway, if anyone with more knowledge on this (probably everyone here, lol) would help me out, even point me towards other threads with info, I would be really greatfull.



*edit*   Just noticed I've probably posted in the wrong place, could a mod plz move this to somewhere more relevant? Cheers!


Anyway, here's where I'm at so far, K1100m soldered to the board of a Precision m3800, I'm unable to flash vBios on its own so I need to replace the already modded vBios from the post I linked above into my full BIOS that I have extracted from this PC.

I found a post on another forum with not much further info, that says...   "If you have issues, related to vram/gpu OC, you can edit Quadro’s VBIOS by yourself. Just search in UEFITool this GUID - E4D65F56-A551-4F74-BDC4-C6EFFF0F993B , extract body, and you have it. To edit your vbios use Kepler Bios Tweaker. Don`t forget to replace vbios in bios file "

I've tried to do this searching the GUID but the file is only 95kb and I'm pretty sure it should be 98kb, I've downloaded an original vBios for this card from this site, posted by a respected mod and his was 98kb, the vBios OP posted in the linked thread was 98kb also, another vBios I extracted from my machine using SIV Utility was 256kb in size, strangely (to me) they all open in Kepler Bios Tweaker and seem to be editable and complete???, so I'm definitely doing some thing wrong extracting my own.


Now i think what I need to do is...  open my Dell a14 BIOS in EUFITool - use the GUID above to delete and/or replace my vBios with already overclocked mod for k1100m from OP above, keeping the filesizes the same at 98kb - repack the whole thing again in EUFITool and flash entire BIOS with AFUWIN.


I know I'm on the right track, just a bit stuck on how to make sure I'm doing the replacing vBios part correctly, I could really do with any advice from the smarter posters on here with more experience of this stuff, cos it's been a long time from I've done any modding - 3.6 on stock cooler with a q6600 had me astounded - 4ghz on i5-2500k on stock air was the last I tinkered with this kind of stuff, all learned from reading and posting on forums just like this.


So please feel free to give any advice you think might help me out with this, because even tho I dont really need the extra performance, I want to do it just because I know it can be done, lol.




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