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P775DM3-G Vbios spi dump needed

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Hello World,


as my M18x R2 was starting to feel kind of old, I felt it was time for it to go. As I am not a fan of the Optimus technology, I felt that the 3920xm and the GTX 980 ( non M -Msi version) were the last mile - upgrade wise - it still felt  good but not great for new titles in the 1080p high / ultra settings. 

I went online researching for what would be my next 2-3 years upgradable device, and got my eyes on the p775dm3-G. Awsome machine - big fat fans, copper heatsinks, nice design. I found one with a 8700k - with a modded bios - and made an offer - got it for cheap i'd say. I went for this one as I had a gtx 1080 that yould fit this device. The only problem that I have is that with the 1070 installed the laptop is working, but with the 1080, it starts normaly, but I can't see a thing. Windows loads - no post at all, and I get only a black screen with a backlight - I hear the windows sounds.

As I belive that this device is a Gsync version - I belive that the GPU has a non gsync bios on it - or maybe a hybrid / optimus vbios - dunno. 

I tried to do a blind flash - but I can't see what the problem is - protect off worked, backup worked - the bios currently on the gpu is the I was wondering if anyone could maybe provide me with some info - as I am new to this. A bios dump made with an spi programmer would be even more helpful.


Thank you in advance for your help.


Best regards, Bagster.

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