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Clevo P751TM1-G

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I have a Clevo P751TM1-G (Eurocom X4C) and upgraded from stock 1.05.04 to Clevo stock 1.07.29 hoping it would add 128GB RAM support and EC1 from 1.05.02 to 1.07.16 .  It didn't.


PCH runs hotter (80+ degrees Celcius) since it seems the fans do not run as passively like before (70+). CPU cores around 40 on idle.  Which BIOS and EC1 versions are recommended for good, passive fan operation?


Is it possible for me to downgrade the BIOS back to 1.05.0x?   



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I downgraded EC1 back to 1.05.02 and passive fan operation seems to be ok again. PCH temperature back in the 70s. High but better than 80s.

btw, it wouldn't POST after the downgrade initially. Had to remove CMOS battery and all RAM. Then use only single 8GB RAM for it to POST. Then went back to 64GB.


Now to figure out what to do about 128GB RAM support.

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