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Solid nvme 1tb for PC


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Hi, I am looking for a nvme 1TB disk ...

I'm looking for something high-end.


My experiences are poor and therefore I am not objective in the subject.

I have Samsung 850 pro (3x) tired of life because they break for 5-6 years sharply and nothing is happening to them ... performance like new (probably thanks to mlc)

in mlc I would excel and just buy a Samsung 970 Pro 1TB but its price ... is about 2x higher than the rest (for 1TB about PLN 1100 you have to pay, it's hard to buy something second-hand, no promotion)


1. there is nothing else on the mlc, right?

2.I read about phision disks a year ago that they are so great - some late corsair mp510 (I didn't have that at the time) and silicon a80 (always these 3 disks were given as one and the same, but from different manufacturers)


I had 5 of these disks (except the Corsair) with a capacity of 1 TB and some 500 GB.


Some of the above shots with electricity (I used a quiet thinkpad, the laptop was not audible at night, only the surge from the disk was audible.
for the sake of safety, I got rid of them

Then I bought another (probably silicons) 1TB
new thinkpad l390 bsoded and worked unstable on these disks
t490 thinkpad the same - bsods and strange micro jams
t480 tinkpad the same

(of course, the system was reinstalled, etc. the disks were brand new)
I threw a 970 pro 512GB into each of the above laptops - as he took his hand off, no shots of electricity, not a single blue screen from then on and fully stable operation.

now I have probably 1tb in my pc (z370 gaming k6) and the computer has had this disk in it (the system is not on it) the bsoda computer started to catch, 5 years it worked quietly and it was enough to add the nvme disk and it freaked out.

I am fed up with the exotics too, I am heartily fed up

I use computers for work, so this cannot happen.


And in the dark, I would load 970 pro 1TB everywhere and had 10 years of peace and stability, but it is seriously problematic to embrace them.

it has never let me down (I'm talking about ssd itself, including some nvme - all on MLC)

But is there an alternative?

You can get such a WD SN750 (because there are outlets, used almost new ones, etc.) literally for half the price of this 970 pro.

Why is it that this disk is recommended as the highest tier along with the 970 pro as one is on the mlc and the other on the TLC?

for now the disk will work with asrock gaming k6 z370 but this disk will stay with me in the future when I buy 12gen

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I think your post is simply to long. You have quite a lot of experience. Maybe you try to write 2 or 3 concrete questions.


I just brought Crucial P2 SSD 1TB, M.2, because Crucial is a known brand and the SSD was cheap. 

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