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M17x R3 GPU Upgrade Suggestions

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Good evening folks, ran into a little trouble with my ol' M17x R3, I had put in an aftermarket 680m into it, and everything eventually worked fine, but as of today I believe my GPU has gone to join its fellow GPU's in the sky after a decently long life. Currently I have the integrated re enabled so I can use the laptop, but figured this presents an opportunity to upgrade the ol' girl.

This brings me to several questions. I've been out of the game of messing with or modifying my laptop for a while, but what I've seen it seems its advised to stay away from 880m's, so in this case, what would be another gpu upgrade that is supported by the R3 platform?

(I vaguely remember 9-- series working but needed a different heatsink? Can someone confirm this?) My second question would be would it be more advantageous to swap out the R3 motherboard for an R4 variant, and if anyones done that were there any issues or things to look out for if this route would be an option?


Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated, I'm still not extremely savvy but I can at least take things apart and put them back together again .


I am still currently running Windows 7 Home 64bit and an intel i-7 2820QM


It also seems the image uploader is failing which is inconvenient.

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I haven't heard of anyone successfully getting the 900 series to work in the R3 due to BIOS restrictions. The best Nvidia option is the 780M (yes, stay away from the 880M). You can also try an AMD option. The R9 M290x (8970M) is probably stronger than the 780M these days due to continued driver support.

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