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Can I put desktop hardware in a rack mount?


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Hey, so I'm new to server hardware kind of stuff and I'm still learning, I'm curious if I can put my desktop hardware that I'm running as a server into a rack.

The main reason I want to do this is for expandability, and I plan to build another "server" soon. I need to fit an atx motherboard and a network card in one system (and ideally a cpu cooler, I have a cooler master 212 evo), and the other just needs to fit an m-atx motherboard and I plan to just use stock cooler for now but upgradability is key in this setup.

If I can actually accomplish this, is there any recommendations you guys may have for a specific rack/chassis or any kind of specs I need to look for? I'm on a fairly small budget so I'm probs gonna buy used, the cheaper the better ofc, as long as it's still decent.


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