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MSI GT60 2QD = Monster Tulpar T5 v1.4.1 Unlock or modding bios Rom signing please .


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Hello everybody .

I wrote my problem to somewhere but nobody wrote anything , I suppose topic was old .
Firstly , I discovered this forum yesterday then ı decided to write my problem in here for some helping .

I was buy Monster Tulpar t5 v1.4.1 notebook from Monster Notebook INC many years ago .
I had many problems in these years .
I solved many problems in these years until last week .
I had İntel Wireless AC 7260 on my notebook , so many times my own Wireless card has been disconnected .
I decided to upgrade bios but Monster Notebook INC doesn't have any new bios on his support page .
I found new BIOS from MSI then I decided to update firmware with them .

MSI GT60 2QD = Monster Tulpar t5 v1.4.1

You can check for Monster Tulpar t5 v1.4.1 , from : https://www.monsternotebook.com.tr/tulpar/monster-tulpar-t5-v1-4-1-15-6/
You can check for MSI GT60 2QD , from : https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GT60-2QD-Dominator/Specification

Every configuration is same .

I updated my own bios with MSI GT60 2QD then everything become a super .
%100 compatible bios rom , Better then Monster bios ..


Now I wanna unlock my BIOS but ı couldn't . 

When I edit my own bios with AMIBCP then when ı save I'm taking this warning .

Unsigned error .

Wrong image file .

I couldn't solve this problem , ı couldn't signing my own bios rom file .

How can I solve this problem , please help me .

I can use AFUDOS , AFUWIN , UEFI TOOL but ı must learn ..

How can I learn signing my own modly bios rom ?

Please help me !

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