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Hello all, 

I have recently acquired an G750JM. I've seen a couple of post around the internet talking about being able to upgrade the system from an 860M to an 870M. They needed to have a modded BIOS for it to work. Traditionally, the 870M would be installed in a G750JS. I went ahead a got an 870M, everything installed fine aside from a little heatsink modification. Windows starts up fine. At first, the GPU read fine, but then restarting the computer initiated an error. The GPU reads in device manager, but now has the following error "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". Would anyone be able to help me acquire a modified BIOS for this? Whatever information you need, I can provide. Thanks for reading and your time.

UPDATE: This topic can be deleted. I am not needing this information anymore.

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No longer need information.
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