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Help with M18x R1 mobo repair please


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Hi guys. Ok so my m18x r1 laptop decided to die on me and i found the *hopefully only one* cuplrit. 

My laptop last night decided to give off this burning plastic smell and i panicked so i turned off my laptop. I opened it but i couldnt see anything wrong. So i gave it a while to cool down and i turned it back on again and i tried playing a game to see if it would happened again. About 10 mins in it started to give off the smell again and within l ike 10 seconds my laptop shut off and it wouldnt turn back on again. So i opened it up and thats when i noticed a chip looked a bit warped. I was like fuck and i cried..

I really love this laptop!! And thought i will have to buy another mobo :(

but then i had a thought as it seemed everything else in the system seemed fine (fingers crossed) and i tried googling this chip and it came up alot of them. But i cannot find any with the same seriel number as in my system BA1C1F but they all have D403 on them. 

Some have slightly different different amps and volts and because i cannot find any with my seriel number i dont know what the specs on my chip are and  i was hoping if anyone on here knew anything about electrical stuff and what suggestions i could go for as a safe alternative. Hoping only this chip needs replacing instead of forking out for another motherboard. Wanna try the cheap £1+ route first as i have nothing to lose. I would really appreciate any help!!!


The site wont let me upload the photo i took of the damaged chip but i will post a link of photo via hosting site.





Also a link to what google brings up when i search for D403




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