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AMD Firepro M6100 in MSI GT683R?

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Sorry for the repost, i am just hoping to find more luck here since this forum has more people in it :)


Hello everyone, I have a MSI GT683R with a dying (pretty much dead actually) GTX560M in it.

I am looking to upgrade it to a new GPU, I have found a AMD Firepro M6100. (I first wanted to upgrade to a GTX970M, but that's too expensive for now... and corona is also making things difficult) I have already ordered a second heatsink to modify because I didn't want to modify the original heatsink it came with. But, my question is. Does it even work in this system? I have heard of people getting it to work in the barebone variant of this system. But I am not sure if it would work in the 'fully loaded' variant.


Update: i took the risk and bought it, it is a Dell AMD Firepro M6100 and it was ripped straight from a Dell precision laptop as far I know at least. So, I installed it and the screen is blank, I don't see any lights (Except the battery charging icon). The notebook turns on, fans spin normally but the screen is just blank and the system doesn't seem to be doing anything. What should I do? Try a unlocked laptop BIOS? And if so, where can I get one? since this notebook is pretty much ancient.




And... since i play games that are mostly RAM/CPU dependent, I am looking for a little extra power in this system. I have found a I7-2860qm and I want to upgrade to 32GB of RAM, is it possible on this system? the sticker says 'max. 16GB of RAM' But I have feeling it says that due to the limitation of the cpu that's already on this system (I7-2630QM, 16GB RAM max.)


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