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Request for Inspiron 7567 BIOS Unlock


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I want to mod the BIOS for Inspiron 7567,

and has dumped the file using FPTW.

However, while modifications are possible, I cannot seem to find a way to flash it back to my laptop.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Here's the dump of the BIOS!


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I have managed to bypass the BIOS Lock by shorting out pins 1 and 5 on the Realtek chipset. 

Now, the question is, how do I successfully mod and flash the BIOs?

I have already tried AMIBCP v5 to mod the BIOS, but flashing it just bricked my laptop, and I had to flash the stock BIOS back.

I think this may be a signature issue, but I am not sure.

Any help would be appreciated!

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