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Clevo P177SM-A questions

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a long long time ago i bought a XMG Schenker (reseller of a Clevo P177SM-A) in germany.

It is serving me very well and i would like to prolong its lifetime.


I got my hands on some replacement fans and want to exchange the HDD to SSD.

Also ever since i upgraded from windows 8 to 10 i had the feeling that the fan control was running higher then before.

I got my hands on an BIOS Prema update from 2015, my bios being from 2014.


Also I wondered if it is possible to upgrade parts of the laptop (RAM shouldn't be a problem)

but also the Graphics card? I read that the GTX1060M seems to be a possibility, if you leave out the fact that it is hard to come by.


What else can you recommend?


Thank you very much for your help

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