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Panasonic Toughbooks Bios Password Unlocking Service


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I can unlock any model Toughbooks that is bios password locked. Just post your Dump and I will unlock it.
Older models I can even decode the password without the need to re-flash the bios. Can even put in a custom boot splash screen of your choosing.
Just upload your splash screen image with your bios dump.


This is 100% Free if anyone wants to give it a go.


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I wrote you message on MHH forum (maddob)

Can you help regarding CF-54 PWD?

I can not simply delete PWD becouse my HDD is BOIS locked

Data is importand. It is PIWIS Porsche tester.

My BIOS dimp is here:


I think it is SHA1 and salted.

Can you help?

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