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HP Gen8 Microserver BIOS Mod req.

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Hey all!

I need help, hope somebody can mod my HP gen 8 Microserver's BIOS. My problem is "simple". I would like to replace the terrible stock FAN, beacuse its too noisy and dying. This machine has a special 6 pin connector, works only with stock HP FAN.

I found a solution how i should wire a general 4 pin PWM fan to the 6 pin connector, and of course i tired it. Everything works perfectly, except the (idiot) inverse PWM signal, what HP uses. So when the server is cool, the FAN runs full RPM, and when its getting warmer, the FAN strarts to slow down.. (The stock Delta FAN using this reversed method.)

So i would like to "mirror" the the FAN speed/Temp table in bios. If somebody can help me, i would buy a few beers as a sign of my thanks.

(Im using the lastest BIOS on my server, J06 version.)

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