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Is my Alienware 17 strange?

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Hi everyone,


My names nash and I'm not only new to the fourms but also I am new to owning a alienware.


First of all I love it!! Mezmerised by the lights haha.


Anyways I bought it from someone else on depop who had it upgraded in the GPU department.


It's a alienware 17 r4 (late 2013) 


Intel i7-4700mq factory overclocked edition from 2.8ghz to 4.0 ghz.


Gpu is geforce gtx 970m, previous had gtx 780m.


32gb ram and running windows10 pro.


Anyway I bought it for running rhino and tending software as I wanted to harness the power of the gpu for great rendering speeds. Using Maverick render which will only work with nvidia gpu but once I installed it, the exe wont execute....... 


Issue is that I cant seem to install any gpu drivers on to it. Currently the gpu version is 353.82 which is old. On the nividia website theres quite new drivers but they just give me errors.


I'm aware that I will have to mod the inf file which I will need help with later but for now I just want to know something.....



Has my laptop got a strange set up? Or am I just being paranoid....haha 


Sorry for the long winded message.


Will appreciate any and all help.


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You need to mod the inf before you can install the driver. You will keep getting an error if you try to install directly from Nvidia. Modding the inf is a little tricky the first time but it isn't too hard if you find a good guide. 


Also, your machine is the 17 R1 (or sometimes called the M17x R5 in some countries). The 17 R4 was released with the 1000 series cards and they are soldered to the motherboard and cannot be swapped out. 


You don't really have a 'strange set-up' as many people have upgraded these machines but the 970M is only slightly stronger than the 780M so most go for the 980M or 1060/1070 these days. 

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