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Could use some FPS game sense advice.!!!!

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I'm looking for some ways to improve my general ability of positioning, movement, and just having a good sense of what's going on around me. I have decent aim. I shoot a 135-140 in 6 tile jumbo frenzy consistently (Kovaaks) which puts me at 3500 out of about 30,000. I shoot around 1:08 to 1:10 on the Aim Botz challenge in CS:GO consistently (Watch the vid on youtube of Shroud doing it in 1 minute). The difference is I do it from further back, usually the box. That being said, I'm just getting outplayed by people online because they're better at getting the drop on me or out strategizing me once the fight has begun. And if I get third partied, forget itinternet sweepstakes software

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1. lower your sensitivity if your aim sucks, raise it if you cant move your gun in time, most pros play 400-800.
2. familiarity in the map is usually why people get the drop on you, if you play enough you will know where they come from.

3. get a better headset/up the volume so you hear footsteps.

4. higher refresh rate monitor.

5. read suggestion three again.

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I wrote a guide on this on reddit. ill just copy paste the whole thing. its more than hardware and aim. it could be psychological or as you said strategical. 



I had a similar problem. Found that im impatient with my micro-flicks. I start shooting a tad bit earlier than i should and then my spray does nothing as a result. This problem can be broken down into a couple categories.

  1. Trust and be patient with your shots. not all players are niKo. Trust that they will not kill you instantly. just as you would sometimes. give yourself a femtosecond to align your shot perfectly. maybe your sens is not what it has to be. find your sweet spot. Get the workshop map Training_aim_csgo2. Shoot and return to center. flick and return to center.

  2. Identify the range. tap and burst and also the position your enemy is in. SPRAY CONTROL i used to think headshots are the only way to kill people fast, but naah relax four precise body shots sprayed are good too. maybe then you might figure out how to spray them in a way to land a headshot.

  3. Teammates. if your teammates are lacking basics. or you might be. gunfights will get alot harder. When youve got good teammates youve got less things to worry about. A dumbass teammate running and dying instantly will compromise a position therefor not allowing you to fully concentrate on your position. In cache for example, You are the A player and your mid guy died. You need to care for two positions now. sometimes peaking together or a crossfire can significantly play a round out..

  4. Perspective and Movement. Walls are your friend. use them. Position yourself well. you might see three boxes and narrow peek but your enemy might see you better. You might be standing out in the open alot. I found myself being playing like that and I am glad I figured it out. Also jiggle peaking too much or at the same rate. recognize when to peek close and when to peek wide. this decision is influenced by knowing what you are facing an AWPer or a Rifler or even how Pistols and shotguns since Deagle, USP, and Shotguns mainly enjoy standing at off angles.

  5. Strategy. CSGO is like chess. position of the players affects the game. I am not talking at the macro level but at a micro scale that being just you. Keep your enemies guessing. On Cache for example, dont go to quad or headshot every single round, moreover dont change it only when you die, change it even when you think youve been doing good in that spot. Thats a mere part of the mind games pros engage in.

  6. NADES. I see a number of low level players think one taps are what make a good player. 'You never want a 50/50 engagement. also tilt the odds in your favor' - TheWarOwl. a smoke here a molly here you've got a half unsettled and unstable team. that could be killed easily.

  7. BREATHE. sometimes that specific game just sucks. fuck it.

  8. Your Setup. I like to play on a 25" Monitor on 1600x1080 a stretched custom rest 4:3 or 16:10 is quite common and can really affect your game. Stretched on 144hz with the monitor slightly below head level. body in good position. feet touching the ground. had this gaming cafe with a plank underneath that negatively affected my game. with my elbow exactly at table height. being a wrist player my sense is a bit high with large mouse on 800dpi * 2.00 in game. Crosshair classic static at a the smallest size. Effects on Low and FXAA disabled.

  9. Enemy Team. know the enemies weak points. once you are comfortable with all of the above its time to think how each individual enemy plays. an idea most helpful on T sides.


This things have a minor change but all add up to get you in the right headspace to play the game. My apologies for anything that seems repetitive. The list is not necessarily in order of importance and kinda went bezerk. it's big subject with a various factors but I like to believe this list contributes to that fundemental idea of killing people better and ranking up :) hope you get MGE soon. You can never know enough, that goes with every game.

I recently had to go through these again after I stopped. Stopped and now I strictly play FaceIt.


EDIT: might also wanna look at TheWarOwl's channel. search youtube n0thing tips, he usually narrates his mindset as he is playing. very useful. 

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I love everything @SoloRev posted.  It was great, but I figured I'd give a bit of advice as well.


I used to game semi-competively in my local region back in the day (Halo 3, Reach, COD MW2, BO1, BO2, BO3, Battlefield, ect).  Here is some other things that I thought of that helped me get "over the hump" a bit.


To begin with, your gaming setup is crucial.  Anymore, you've gotta have a decent display with good refresh.  I use a 27 in Benq gaming monitor with 144hz refresh on 2560 x 1440 with 16:9 display.  Also try to calibrate your display if possible.  At least google a calibration for it.  There are so many sites for this.  I recommend https://www.tomshardware.com/ as they have a lot of good reviews and calibrations for most every gaming monitor.  Go through a few to see which one works best for you.  Make sure you go into your display properties and have the RGB full-range enabled or YCbCr depending on your setup.  It definitely makes a noticeable difference...especially being able to differentiate between different black levels.  Some monitors display all black levels the same, but using the full RGB range, or YCbCr combined with dynamic contrast and some type of extended black range, you can differentiate those darker shades and it really can help to spot an enemy who is being really cheap or a sniper camping in a dark corner of the room in top window.


As for the skills part of it, I'd say a lot of it is memorizing the spray patterns of the various weapons.  That's what the pro gamers do.  Practice the spray patterns at mid and close distances over and over and over till you have it down to muscle memory.  Get used to the ranges and being able to identify which range the enemy is at quickly so you know what pattern to use or if it's better to go semi/small burst of 2-3 rounds rather than an auto-spray.


However, since you said your aim is pretty good, the next step is map familiarization and studying the enemy tactics.  I honestly went through a period in my FPS gaming when I read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" and tried to apply that logic to my strategies.  Thinking "What does the enemy expect me to do in this situation"?, and deciding if I want to do the expected or do something else.  "Make them think you're weak where you're strong and vise versa"  Another one was to "Know yourself and your enemy."  I found a great way to do this was to record or streaming matches and re-watch your matches, being extremely critical of yourself.  Ask yourself at each stage, what was I thinking the enemy was doing at this point in time?  What evidence did I have to support this? What evidence did I have against this?  Is there anything I missed?


I found that re-analyzing my matches and being extremely critical of myself allowed me to see some flaws in my thinking in me handling certain scenarios.  Specifically instances when I would be a bit reckless when pushing to take an objective when I could have actually drawn the enemy out and stayed much safer.  In time, you will begin to really "see" the battlefield and be able to assess the unfolding situations and react more appropriately.


Also, having specific "situational" load-outs.  i.e. objective taking under smoke cover loadout, support sniper loadout, mid defense loadout, objective defense loadout.  I'm not sure if this applies so much in CS-GO though.  This was more from when I was almost exclusively playing COD.


You can only control so much yourself.  If you have a headset, try to communicate with your team with enemy positions as much as necessary.  Communication is really key to winning objective-based matches.  Familiarize yourself with the common names of the areas of each map so your callouts can be as precise as possible in as short of a time as possible.  A callout that takes 8 seconds to relay a position is almost worthless.  Work with your teammates to develop some overall beginning strategy for each round if possible.  If they're not communicating or using a good strategy, at least let them know what you're doing and what your thoughts are, but don't become abusive about it.  Anymore, online gaming has become super toxic, especially with the large skill gaps between some players.  However, if you see someone being overly aggressive in their playstyle, let them know they can hang back a bit, or offer to take that advanded position from them if they keep rushing out and getting killed within the first 45 seconds of every match.  Stupid or noob teammates can definitely make things extra difficult for the rest of the team so take into account for them if you notice it and adjust your strat if needed.  Find a position where you can cover your chokepoint and possibly provide a bit of vision or cover-fire for them too.


Your lines of sight are crucial but you don't want to expose yourself.  Make sure to present as little of a target to the enemy as possible.  Use cover and wall hugging whenever possible.  Be careful when peeking from cover and don't become predictable with your popshots when peeking.  Also try to vary it up with where you're peeking from if possible.  Don't keep popping up from the same spot on the headglitch or the same corner of the box everytime.  This also can depend on what weapon the enemy has, especially AWP or rifles.  Also, don't be afraid to change it up often.  Don't keep going to that same box or headglitch in the corner even if you've been owning the enemy team from it.  The same goes for pushing strats when on offensive.  Don't keep rushing through the same choke everytime.  Try faking a push using smoke to get the enemy team to lean towards that area, then jump down or go around through a different path to get on their flank or just rush the other objective site instead.  Just switch it up often and don't get stuck on one strat on either end even if it's been working okay.


Keep working on your buying so you can buy on the fly if needed and get into the fight quickly.  Setup a macro for some buys if you can.  (I haven't played CS-GO in a few years so IDK if macros are allowed)


Sometimes you just need a break from it.  I've taken a few days or a couple weeks off of FPS gaming at times to just get a break.  Often you'll come back with a different perspective on something or at the minimum, you'll come back refreshed and ready for battle!!


Don't forget to practice, practice, practice, practice, and practice some more!!  It's definitely true in competitive gaming that it takes 10000 hours of practice to fully master a skill.


Hope this combined with SoloRev's info above help you start fragging like crazy!!

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Wanted to add one other piece of info I had left out of original reply

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