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[Help] 2015 MacBook Pro '15 IGPU Detection issues


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I can't get the IGPU to show up and I would really like to use the internal display as I primarily bought this laptop for gaming on the 15 inch Retina display.
My MacBook Pro 15 inch 2015:Amd m370x dgpu and Intel iris graphics igpu I716gb ram
Aorus Gaming box GTX 1080
The egpu works on an external screen in Windows. The thing is I want to use the internal screen. I’ve installed windows in UEFI mode to recognise the 2 gpu’s  and also tried reFind and the USB apple_set_OS. The Igpu simply doesn't show up. If I use the usb with apple_set_OS or refind I get to the logo of Windows loading then it shuts off, the dots reappear, and then a blue screen. I've run out of ideas.
Any ideas as to what could be causing this? I saw other people getting this setup to work so I bought the laptop, but I've run into this wall...
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