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HP envy non-OEM Windows 8.1 driver issue with 7670m (VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE: (atikmpag.sys))


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Hardware: HP envy ultrabook 6-1118tx, AMD Radeon mobility HD 7670m w/ intel hd4000

Software: Windows 8.1, last update was 2018 oct 7th. (I've been constantly running windows update, installing all critical and recommended updates, the list is rather long, if required, i'll post shots)


Drivers are all updated to the best of my knowledge except for the discrete card driver.

Issue: last year the laptop was updated to win10 during the free upgrade period. I didn't get to use this laptop frequently as I was abroad often. the laptop was just stored, so no chance of someone else messing it up. I did notice that when requiring the discrete card (games) the laptop would promptly crash and say VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE: (atikmpag.sys)

After some googling, I find that the 7670m isn't supported in windows 10, and given that it's been years since I did some house cleaning, I decide to wipe it all (delete recovery partition, formatted the whole thing, installed MS Windows 8.1, not OEM version, since I lost the recovery and didn't know its significance at the time).

All other drivers install without problems except for the driver for the discrete card. After I install the driver and reboot, the same message comes up.

I've tried option 3 in this link


I came across a reddit thread discussing replacing graphics card in laptops and needing to modify some icf file in the driver for OEM windows to get it to detect the card properly. This seems to be my case, in reverse - in that I have a MS Windows 8.1 install (which isn't OEM) that isn't detecting my on board card properly. Best case scenario would be to get the OEM windows installation from HP somehow, but I'm not sure where to start with that (HP support site only gives drivers?)


Also, I've been looking at some other threads and realize my technical level isn't on par. So I'd appreciate it if any instructions about posting logs, or detailed information or flashing bios come with further instructions or links to said instructions.




Also, since I get the feeling that this board may not be frequented with as many users, I might post this in the general laptop discussion if it doesn't get much traction.

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