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Dell m3800 (xps 9530) won't post with any bios mods v. A10


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So yeah, I bricked my m3800 now multiple times trying to get some bios mods running. (older microcode version for haswell oc and menu unlock).

For some reason the damn thing is stuck with a blackscreen before post if the bios has some modifications, even the end + powercord recovery isn't working. I have a CH431a Flasher so recovering isn't that big of a deal. I have to desolder the chip everytime tho and i currently don't have access to my good soldering equipment...

Did Dell lock something down with the newer A10 Bios? Didn't seem to be a problem with the A09 version.


Hi there,

I bricked my dell m3800 (xps 9530) yesterday after i pulled the bios from chip did some minor changes to it and reflashed it with afudos and the allmighty /GAN force flash :|

I tried to use the bios recovery mode, it only reads the usb stick for a short time and then nothing happens. I think i have to desolder and rewrite the bios to the chip manually. So what do i have to write to the chip the 8 mb rom file or the 6.5 mb HDR file or both? The file i pulled with afudos was also just 6.5 mb (might be the reason why it's bricked).

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