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M17xR4 A12 (stock) BIOS Problems

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Hello everyone,

As I am facing either upgrading or replacing my ageing Alienware M17xR4/QM2720/680M I was researching all available options.


During my research I noticed that my stock BIOS seems to have some graphics card related problems being the following :

1. Internal GFX card not recognized anymore (grayed out)
2. GT Performance option not available (grayed out)
3. error msg regarding "gop driver" when trying to switch to pure UEFI mode


I'm pretty sure my Intel card and GT performance option where available after flashing A12 although I can't be sure
after all this time. After installing Windows10 I didn't use Optimus anymore with Fn+F7 as this was unavailable driverwise.


So my questions now are the following :


How can I re-enable the use of my Intel card Eg. for Optimus ?

Should I flash an UEFI capable nvidia 680M vbios to solve the GOP driver problem as I read that this might lower the baseclock
of the card (Dell baseclock was higher than standard ?)


There also seem to have been more people having similar problems but no specific solutions to be found (?) Maybe this thread
can serve to collect these problems/solutions.

Thanks in advance!

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There is a guy who had the same card, he had to switch primary display to "Auto": http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m17xr4-upgrade-680m-to-1060.808327/


I assume it's the case for you, but I want to be sure anyways: you have a 120hz panel?

As for the vbios you'd have to try it out to be sure I think..

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