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Nvidia 980m card problem installing


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Hi there just wondering what I'm doing wrong here , iv flashed my alienware m18x r2 with the A11 unlocked bios installed the new Nvidia GTX 980m card but when I go to install drivers for it on a fresh install of win 7 os the screen will have virtical fuzzy lines then will go black is there a process I'v missed ? I'v brought this GPU off ebay its brand new but has no "VBIos" or any program built into it I;m pretty sure , does this need to be done before I go any further with driver support? Or install all the other driver supports for the system before attempting to install the gpu driver?  Just feels like I'v missed a step.


Thankyou for your time, any advice will be much appricated.

It seems after the fuzzy virtual lines the black screen will stay on but the sound off windows is still plays so it ls like I can still operate windows 

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I'm going to ado my problem as well and see if it gets attention 


@J95 @Prema @Mr. Foxif your still on here or around or anyone else who can help me, I have a alienware m18xr2 with a gtx980m recently installed I have the as unlocked bis and running the driver 345.20 by Mr fox. And I can't seem to get any other drivers to work at all. I'd like to update them. Do I require premas vbios? Where can I get them? I'm at a loss here I've tried everything I can find to update/mod drivers and every time it installs I get a black screen that flashes blocks of bad colour's like a broken screen but if I revert to 345.20 everything works fine again. Some help would be greatly appreciated if more info is required let me know. Also I'm using Windows 7 with the unlocked bios

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