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Acer 5750G preparing to mpcie external GPU


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Hello all! Im posting this here in hope to receive some orientation or help regargind my egpu project.

I have my old and trusted Acer 5750G and I’m still using it everyday for work. I’m a photographer and it has worked quite well with some upgrades:

-Upgraded i5 to i7 2630qm.
-Upgraded ram, 8gb to 16 gb.
-Upgraded HD to SSD.

Some facts:
– I have the unlocked bios so I was able to set the mpci port as “hot pluggable” and I can also deactivate the dedicated nvidia 630m from the bios itself.
– I have bough this case [PCIe PCI-E EXP GDC External Laptop Video Card Dock / Laptop Docking Station (Mini PCI-E interface Version) ] that will arrive home in 10-15 days.
– I have ordered a wifi usb card.

I was thinking in getting a nvidia 1060 6gb and plug it to my old laptop using the mpci port. I ask for your advice and knoledge regarding this:

1- Is this a good card choice?
2- Will I face any problem with my setup or there is something important I should take into consideration?
3- Will software that uses CUDA (photoshop and premiere, for example) get reinforced with the new card?
4- How much processing power will get lost for the “small” port I will be using?

Thanks a lot again, and sorry for my english mistakes!!

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