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Maxing out Lenovo x220T

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Hello T|I.


I love my x220T i7-2620 to death,  I've upgraded it to a 1 TB SSD, 16 GB RAM and I use a GTX 970 4GB as e-GPU with a PE4C 3.0, it runs Witcher 3 on High, life is good, but I can't help but wonder if I could do more.


Can I swap out the motherboard for one with a better CPU/iGPU? 

Can I (theoretically) upgrade the CPU without swapping out the whole motherboard? I understand the CPU is soldered in, but is it at all possible to de-solder it and change it for a better i7?


What else is there to be done? 

This machine deserves more upgrades.


Any feedback highly appreciated.



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Nice upgrades, I believe the cpu upgrade is as easy as swapping it out. but I advice you not to do so, I have one with 2640QM and it runs hot, I mean really hot. I winded up under clocking it manually to 1.6Ghz-2.4 to run at an acceptable 60-75 C under lightweight loads like browsing the web. I would personally go get an i5 to improve battery life and thermals.


I love the keyboard on that machine and it is the only reason that is keeping me from replacing it. however the three downsides are the bad thermals, power draw, and man the thing is heavy and bulk by todays standards.

That doesn't mean it is a bad laptop, in fact I still love it and use it as a daily driver for college and media consumption. The thing is built like a tank too, and it has spill resistance too, I spilled vodka on the thing and it survived like nothing happened and I also dropped it on the street while I was getting out of the car and it took it with minor scuffs and few scratches.

Mine is loaded with a 2640QM i7, 8GB of ram, 256 SSD and a 768p IPS display.

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