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Help with a Intel Marble Point computer.

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Hello, I did a account in this forum to get some files from another post but I am unable to download the files. I expect that this is the place for this. I will put my case.

Two or three years ago, as a part of a goverment program, I got a computer with a Intel Classmate Marble Point hardware. The computer has a security sistem to avoid theft that it gets blocked unless I go to the school and ask for the technican (In this case, my mother) to renovate the quantity of times that I can power up the computer and the date that it will get bricked or just free it completly. The problem with my computer is that my mother can't do any of that: the security system resets automatically and I can't even free it. It was sent to get repaired but it returned a year later exactly equal as I sent it. Now, the blocking date passed a year ago and now it gets blocked every time I unlock it.
The security sistem is in the ROM, so the idea that I had was flash it. In the first photo I put a screenshot of Speccy and compared the BIOS version in this Intel page to get that is a Marble Point: http://www.intel.com/…/intel-education-hardw…/000006459.html




The next link is the specifications of a Marble Point: http://www.intel.la/…/intel-education-hardwa…/000006284.html
After searching a time, I was found the Intel official page to get the official ROM. I downloaded version 1.00 to 1.03 with Win 7: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/es/download/23839/
The guide (That is also in the page) said that I must execute ff.bat from Windows: the command prompt started, loaded and suddenly closed without change. So I used the Internal Shell instructions. The second screenshot is the result (In this case, I tried using the 1.00 version to completly reset the BIOS, but it happens the same with all the versions).



I don't know what to do now. The computer is useless in this state, so anything that I can do I will try it. Also, there are more than ten computers in the same state only in my school (Where I go to do some "IT" sometimes), so this will help a lot of people.

After that, I arrived to this forum, more specifically to that post, but I can't get the files.

Any help about this will be very aprecciated.


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