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GTX1080 with Code 43 error - new PC


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Sorry for being a noob, but I just bought this for gaming to replace my XB1 - ASUS ROG G20CB-DH73-GTX1080

This is my first ever gaming PC please help me out!!!! I don't want to go back to XB1 gaming:( 

- GTX1080 video driver won't install. (CODE 43)

- Audio driver is installed on device manager but on the bottom right of my task bar, there is an X through it. It detects an problem when clicking on it in the tray

- having an issue with all updates (drivers, OS and etc) takes multiple times but i finally got them installed.

- i downloaded malwarebytes to see if it's malware but no

- i used System File Checker tool (SFC/scannow function) to see if I have corrupted files. Nothing was found

- I reinstalled windows 10 from scratch via media creation tool, ISO image on usb


I get pink dots/pixels artifacts which are not from the monitor. This PC is brand new, I literally just turned it on for the first time Jan 26th. Everything was running perfectly fine except when I got home 1 day everything stopped working like a got a virus/malware. But I have cleaned my computer so good that it can't be malware. I've only ran games like Dirt Bomb, Planet Side 2 and Warframe before buying games on steam/g2a for my first time. So, I definitely didn't fry the card.


-        Updated BIOS using ASUS’ Command Centre

-          I used DDU to uninstall all nVidia drivers and installed multiple versions to see if it wasn’t just the latest version that was messed up. None of them worked

-          Tried turning it off and unplugging and holding the power button for 5min “to get rid of the static electricity build up”


I really don't want to take it back because i physically bought it in the US from a small store (i'm from canada) and I really don't want to RMA it and get a refurbished one from ASUS so i'm hoping I can fix it via software.



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