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Lenovo idepad 300 14-isk, how to use a eGPU??


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Hi, i have some questions about my laptop compatibilty for a egpu


laptp specs:

Intel Core i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz

Intel HD Graphics 520

8 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHz


so the first question i have, is possible adapt a desktop graphic card to this laptop? i see in this forum about similar models can do it, but what you do think about?


the wifi adapter is a Intel AC 3165 wich is connected to a NGFF port of the laptop, so i will need the NGFF version of the EXP GDC adapter... i am correct in this???


im think get a GTX 1070 or a 1060, the bandwhich of the NGFF port, and the cpu of my laptop have power enougth to use the 1070 or i'll be better a samller graphic card?


other question is what i need to change in the bios to enable correctly the eGPU?


your help be useful to me thanks :)

pd: sorry for my bad english :/


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My laptop model is almost same as yours, i5-6200u for my laptop.


For the 1st question:

Yes, it's possible to adapt a desktop graphic card to this laptop but it requires adapter like exp gdc.


2nd question:

Yes, it needs the NGFF version of the EXP GDC adapter.


3rd question:

For power, you'll need a power supply. In my case I'm using 500W PSU for GTX 1660 Super.


4th question:

BIOS settings on Configuration tab: Graphic Device set to UMA. On Boot tab, PXE Boot to LAN set to disabled.


Hope these answers useful to you.

Thank you.

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