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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm having problems trying to connect a GTX 750 Ti to my Lenovo T420 using the dock EXP GDC Beast (express card version). My laptop: Lenovo T420 RAM: 8GB DDR3 CPU: Intel Core i5 2520M GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 My problem is: if I plug the express card and I turn on the laptop it doesn't boot up and the screen becomes horrible, with coloured pixels and a sound like "bip-bip". If I try plugging the express card when the laptop is already turned on it sees the gpu, but if try installing the drivers I have to apply the modifies restarting the computer. I hope you understood my problem (I don't speak English very well). Please help me, It's making me crazy! EDIT: I didn't say that if I plug the express card when the pc is already turned on, in the device menager there is "Error 12" on the gtx 750 ti
  2. Currently I am setting up my own eGPU for the first time. I am hooking up a GTX 750 Ti 2GB to my HP Elitebook 8560w. It has an Intel Core i7-2630QM @ 2GHz and 8 GB RAM. An error 12 occured, did a DSDT override. But the problem is when trying to (re)start my laptop i get a black screen. I suspect I need to have the Setup 1.30 software to achieve a correct startup. Could anyone confirm if this is necessary? Hopefully someone can help.
  3. Someone is selling me a eGPU setup, currently I'm using an iMac mid-2011 21.5 inch. For 282$ : GTX 750Ti Vidock Nano 200W Thunderbolt cable Adapter PCMIA Sonnet echo express What do you think?
  4. Hey guys. I've been testing my eGPU setup for about a year now - and it works, but it is almost unusable, do to some very strange small issues. First off i had a problem, which might be in relation to my "real problem" so therefore i am mentioning it, for a long time that my gpu just crashed - after reading on this forum I tried to remove the power for the Akitio fan and that seem to have fixed the crashes. But my real problem is kinda weird - so everything works great - in every benchmark i get a significant better score with the eGPU. But it dosen't feel like it when i use it - my games "glitch out" when i use the eGPU, they lag significant more - and simple text rendering is lagging to. ex. scrolling through af webpage is a nightmare with the eGPU - everything kinda "blinks" doing the scrolling - also in sublime text (a IDE for coding) scrolling through only 200 lines of codes is "lagging" beyond what is bearable. I would like to upload an video of this behavior if anyone thinks that is necessary ? Hope some one can help me out with an ideer or two ? Regards, Sip
  5. I have an ASUS ROG GR8 (https://www.asus.com/uk/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG_GR8/) which comes with an INTEL HD 4000 Series card and the nVidia GTX 750 Ti. The nVidia drivers clearly read it as the 750 Ti but the nvflash utility states I have the following <0> GeForce GTX 860M (10DE,1392,1043,84BB) H:--:NRM B:02,PCI,D:00,F:00 ​ I tried to OC the card by increasing the wattage - which worked fine! I started playing around with the KeplerBiosTweakerand eventually came across the option to Fix Invalid Clocks (shown below) I saved the file and since then, the drivers don't even recognise the card. In the process , I lost the original BIOS backup I had. YES, I am stupid for this and I now regret my failure to being more careful with my backups (especially for BIOS edits) I have tried every single .rom file included in all the versions of ASUS GPUTweak and ASUS GPUTweakII, I have tried the ROMS from the BIOS DB...nothing works. I plead someone with the same model or someone who happens to have the ROM backed up to upload it for me. GPU-Z saved the file as GM107.rom. I would be forever grateful!
  6. Hi people! I just wanted to share my gGPU setup with you and talk about the benefits and problems. I bought the Akitio along with a passive Palit GTX 750 TI because I didn't want my gGPU to make any noise nor to need any extra power supply. The Maxwell GTX 750 ti does all that since it only draws 60W and like this, I just needed to apply the guide (here) to pass up to 75 W through the PCIe port so that I could make the most compact setup possible (with a passive GPU). I even got to make it work under OS X and Windows stable, although on Windows I didn't activate optimus with the internal screen of my 13" rMBPr Late 2013. The setup works very stable in idle and whenever I really push it hard, I just put a little 6cm NB-Fan in Front of the GPU which it cools down to less than 60 degrees on 100 % load without any noise. My only problem now is, that there shouldn't be any noise, but yesterday the Akitio and its PSU startet to make a buzzing noise at full load which I am not sure if it is coming from the coils of the PSU or the Enclosure itself. Anyway my main problem is now that I then found that the Akitio makes a subtle but perceivable very high frequent noise as soon as the PSU is plugged (Akitio not activated) Now my question is, could someone who ownes a Akitio check, if you can hear this noise on any Akitio or if it is just mine that has a problem. Thank you very much in advance! Regards, salut
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