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  1. Hey guys. I've been testing my eGPU setup for about a year now - and it works, but it is almost unusable, do to some very strange small issues. First off i had a problem, which might be in relation to my "real problem" so therefore i am mentioning it, for a long time that my gpu just crashed - after reading on this forum I tried to remove the power for the Akitio fan and that seem to have fixed the crashes. But my real problem is kinda weird - so everything works great - in every benchmark i get a significant better score with the eGPU. But it dosen't feel like it when i use it - my games "glitch out" when i use the eGPU, they lag significant more - and simple text rendering is lagging to. ex. scrolling through af webpage is a nightmare with the eGPU - everything kinda "blinks" doing the scrolling - also in sublime text (a IDE for coding) scrolling through only 200 lines of codes is "lagging" beyond what is bearable. I would like to upload an video of this behavior if anyone thinks that is necessary ? Hope some one can help me out with an ideer or two ? Regards, Sip
  2. Hey Im getting the same bsod-crash, during game sessions and benchmarks. My build is a akitio+750TI itx+Power Supply: 12 V - 10 A - 120 Watt in the akitio box only. The requirements of my card states power supply of 300Watts and a total power draw of 60Watts - i thought that i could get away with the power adapter. But reading the post at http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/10150-fixing-instability-akitio-thunder2-w-gtx970-when-using-dell-da-2-a.html#post135250 it seems that i need more power. I would really like to keep my All-in-box setup, and i am wondering if the best way around it would be to buy a Dell DA-2 + a Dell DA-2 to barrel+PCIe cable, even though at this stage i do not need the PICe cables - but it could be in the future Or am i totally wrong ?
  3. Hello Guys, I got my akitio EVGA 750TI eGPU and it works very well on MacOS 10.10.4... The problem is when i boot up in windows 7(installed via bootcamp). It keeps on giving me error Code 12. I've tried the dsdt(orwhatevah)-override. That didnt help me. I cant seem to find out how to use my eGPU on win7. Can anyone help me ? THANK YOU [uPDATE] I've followed this guide about the DSDT-override http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/3539-guide-dsdt-override-simultaneous-igpu-dgpu-egpu.html I only did the dsdt part, the "fun part" i didnt do because, basicly i didnt understand what "setup 1.xx" was and couldnt figure it out so i just tried reinstalling the nvidia drivers, but same problem, although i get the "Large Memory" wich i belive indicates that i did do the DSDT-override proberly ?
  4. Okay first of THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING TOOL I tried it on a Akitio tb2 + EVGA GTX750Ti all in box setup on a MBPr15 mid 14 with the 2,2 GHz i7 iris pro and everything worked perfectly. I got some "errors" about files not existing, but i kinda just ignored it since it was working. I had my eGPU connected doing the install. (Dont know if that matters at all).
  5. #998 I'm not sure what tool you are referring to ? How i imagine my setup is: 1) My samsung 4k monitor connected to the eGPU via DP. 2) My eGPU connected to my laptop (DUH) 3) My retina screen on the laptop uses the iris pro and the 4k-monitor uses the eGPU. Is this possible, will the fact that the retina screen uses the iris pro, stress my CPU in a way that can affect the performance ? Would i be better of just running 2 external monitors of the eGPU ?
  6. So if I also buy the 120w psu you suggested, the I should be good to go ?? ... Do I need to use Windows in order to use the egpu .. or will my rMBP mid 14 iris pro be able to use it in macos ? Sendt fra min HTC One_M8 med Tapatalk
  7. Hello Guys. I'm a new user on this forum, so please forgive me if i bend/break some rules or in other ways irritate you guys by my questions. I'm putting together a little shopping list for my eGPU. And i got some questions for that. Shoppinglist (So far): Akitio Thunder2 PCIe box EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti 2GB PhysX CUDA Apple 2m thunderbolt cable So to the questions. Would i be able to run the GPU insinde the Akitio box closed up (meaby i need to make some holes for air ? or do the y-split cooling as Dschij does here ) Since the GPU only uses 60W, do i even need to do any power-boost (adding another PSU ?) Wouldnt i be able to just plug the GPU in the Akitio box (with or with out the case) and then run it ? Have i missed something here ? To clear up, i've been searching fore these answers for days now, but i jsut cant seem to find any straight answers, so i figured i would ask you guys I hope you will take your time to answer me, Thank you all.
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