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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! edit: merged with Conscriptvirus's post so it's easier to follow: This modification is very dangerous, can lead to broken chips. Don't say i didn't warned you... edit: he's right, it is easy Lenovo did a sloppy job with cooler, too much thermal paste, weak springs, overheating and throttling machines... First of all, disassemble the machine. Then do a repaste, with bare minimum amount of thermal paste, and remove cooler again, check thermal paste spread. Remove screws from cooler, by removing little plastik washers, keeping the screws to fall out. My gpu heatsink was not paralllel to motherboard, so the corner without screw was slightly bended upwards. Twist the gpu heatsink, so that corner is pushing gap pad a little bit harder. Be very gentle, you dont want to broke your heatsink. You can check level by putting your heatsink on flat surface with gpu screws removed, cpu screws stays in place for now. Then place a 0,5mm spacer under the spring like seen on the following pictures These are screw number 4 and 5. Screw number 6 is using a weak spring, so use double spacer, or change it to a stronger spring: Put back plastik spacer, so screw stay in place. Do the same process with cpu heatsink. You can do this to ultrabay as well, but take extra caution, since there is no backplate, and it can lead to warped/broken board. Lastly change the gap pad over cpu vrm area, because it is too tick, I used 0,5mm piece: Aaand it's done! Put back heatsink, use as little amount of thermal paste as possible, and enjoy 10-15+ lower temperatures. Spacers was lying around, i had the spring from some old heatsink, so dont have exact types and diameters, but Conscriptvirus did the mod also, his mod is better to look at, spacer perfectly fit into heatsink holes edit: I also did cpu mod, ended up adding a washer to screw 6, despite of changed spring, gained 1C-3C. I can run XTU stress test under 85C with -95mV and 3,4Ghz 4core. GPU and CPU idle is under 50, without notebook stand with fans. Thanks to Conscriptvirus for his effort and pictures. If it worth to be sticky, Mods, please make it one. Regards
  2. As per @coolane's request, I figured I'd make a separate thread for this modification. In the original thread (https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/265-benchmarks-the-official-thread/&page=34) coolane shows their heatsink modifications and results which I think were ingenious. Initially I didn't think it was possible to use the 980DT heatsink with the MSI 1070 without modification, though with coolane's post showed potential and I figured I may as well give it a try since there's no chance in hell or any other place that I would be able to do a 1070 SLI configuration. Thanks to coolane, they provided further detail into their mod and it was very straightforward enough for me to warrant an attempt. So, I ordered: 10pcs of 8.8mm x 8.8mm heatsinks 1 sheet of thermal transfer tape 400 - 3000 grit sandpaper and I am waiting for those parts to arrive to my location before I begin and I post when they do. EDIT: I may do some minor changes to their attempt like not adding additional heatsink pipes since i have no idea on how to even attach them so this will be a basic modification. EDIT2: Original content EDIT 3: I learned from @J95 and @Prema that the vbios mod used by coolane was stolen from Prema by some crappy Chinese hacker so this thread is specifically for the modding of the heatsink itself. EDIT 4: I ended up getting the following to complete the mod so far. 1. Stanley hacksaw - $10AUD 2. Sandpaper 80 grit and 180 grit emery (for soft metals like copper), 400 grit W&D, 800 grit W&D, and 1200 grit W&D - $10AUD approx (though i spent more ordering more from Amazon which won't be used now but good to have :p) 3. Protective gloves - $12AUD EDIT 5: Ordered some thermal adhesive to glue a bit of copper plate to cover the power phase chip. Sure, a mini-heatsink might do the job though it might be better if it was going through the heatpipes.
  3. As the title suggests my laptop gets absurdly hot. I have a Fujitsu T901 (see sig), and have disassembled and cleaned it out with some canned air (but this did nothing, it was clean) I have CoreTemp sitting in my notification tray to monitor these insane temperatures. I'm on a fresh install too. My computer idles in the mid-70 range (77/78). When it is at load (music conversion [using all threads at 100%], gaming, or p95) it stays in the high 90 range. 98-103 C No shutdown from high temps (somehow). I deem 60s and below cold. My fan does not (barely) ramps up, and I have not found a single application that can control this, there is just no fans detected on my system. I do get an error on boot if there is no fan plugged in though. Even having the fan ramp up would help a ton. I found this: TheRandomLab: Laptop cooling mod I was thinking about doing this, thoughts? Or suggestions on other things to do that would help? (if you look on eBay for a Fujitsu T5010 heatsink, mine is similar but the pipe length going to the CPU is longer, and the fins are smaller) I used to put a box fan pointed upward on high, remove the panels, and that kept me at the high-50 to mid-60 range at load. Of course, bringing a box fan with me is silly. I do have a 2nd heatsink from a T901 without the dedicated graphics, I could almost stack them, but I don't know how much that would help. I can cut the fins on the 2nd one and put it where the spacer goes (between the fan and the heatsink) and solder it to the current heatsink maybe, thoughts? I'll also note my CPU does not turbo at all, even though SpeedStep is enabled in BIOS. ThrottleStop does nothing. I would guess this may be due to the high temps and the CPU trying to stay cool. I would love to put a quad-core in here (2760QM or 2920XM [anyone have one lying around they don't mind 'losing']) but I figure the heat issue should be resolved first. I'm pretty much just scraping for ideas here in a very unorganized manner. Thanks, atn
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