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Found 4 results

  1. Xigmatek Elysium Full System Watercooling After my Asus MarsII watercooling project has “failed”, I went on with my two GTX Titans. I was long undecided whether I want to invest money again to set up or leave the system as it is with an unused radiator, reservoir and pump. In November I decided to create a list with all watercooling components which I would need to cool the entire system with one watercooling loop. Unfortunately not all parts were in stock at that time, especially the availability of the black 19/13 Monsoon Rotarys was unknown. I let the whole thing fall back a little, I had less time anyway and many things were going on. Now in January everything was in stock and I decided to order. My 25th birthday was coming, so I made myself a gift. Hardware: Case: Xigmatek Elysium PSU: Enermax MaxRevo1500 Mainboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme CPU: Intel Core i7-3960X RAM: 4x8Gb G.Skill RipjawsZ 2133Mhz GPU: 2x Asus GTX Titan SLI Watercooling Parts: Pump: Alphacool VPP655-T12 Reservoir: Phobya Balancer 250 Radiator: Watercool Mo-Ra3 360 PRO Tubing: Masterkleer UV red 19/13mm Motherboard: EKWB RE4-Kit Acetal+Nickel CSQ CPU: Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos HF GPU: Aquacomputer Kryographics nickelplated + Watercool backplate Everything arrived on January 10th, the only thing missing was the R4E motherboard cooling kit, which @svl7 ordered and paid as part of our PS4 deal. Thanks again. ;D On Friday the 17th everything was ready to install. As always, not everything went according to the plan, learning by doing and problem solving as usual. I removed the AX850 PSU and the H100 from the top of the case and also tried to clean the whole case a bit. After 5 hours everything was mounted in the Xigmatek Elysium case again and the system was ready for looptesting. My room looked as if a bomb had exploded. I did a looptest for almost 6 hours, checked the system afterwards and found no leak. I changed the pump to the Enermax 1500W PSU and started the machine. Temps were all good, I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro, until late afternoon the system was ready for some testing. I changed back to my Logitech G19 to be able to monitor the system temps using HWinfo. (Thanks @Mumak for your amazing tool ;D). I overclocked my i7-3960X to 4.5Ghz and the two GTX Titans to 1155Mhz (core; memory stock), highest temperatures reached were 57°C for the CPU and 50°C for the GPUs with a room temperature of 19°C having the four 180mm radiator fans at minimum speed (~40% = ~300RPM) with full speed (700RPM) max temps are 5-10°C lower. FullRes: Click here Some work still needs to be done, I want to sleeve the second GPU powercable and the currently existing temporary solution has to be replaced with a proper installation. The list with parts I need is already prepared, I'll order in the next days...
  2. Got my backplates in today from EVGA, they are $20 each so the cost isn't too bad and they have pads on the back of them so they actually assist with memory cooling. I touched the back of them after a gaming session and they did get pretty toasty so that tells me they are working. Just make sure you have good circulation in the case to keep air flowing over them to remove the heat build up. My system still needs additional fans for optimal cooling. Here's some pics:
  3. Nvidia GTX Titan SLI or as @Brian says "Damn you Conkers!" So there it is, the real successor of the GTX580 chip, how much rumour was out there over the months. Nvidia broke my resistance, I had to buy at least one card. I managed to get two of those beasts, I know the price is ridiculous but for a triple display setup it's totally worth it. The cards are working in my Xigmatek case along with the GTX670, which is now dedicated to Physx. At the time Intel will release Haswell processors, I'll move the cards in a smaller case with an mATX board. My Xigmatek Elysium case is reserved for another project, which I will show to you at a later date, maybe by the end of this week or next week. Comparison: Asus MarsII vs Asus GTX Titan vs Asus GTX670 DCII Top System overview: Benchmark results: [email protected]|GTX Titan SLI@997/1036/1502 (core/boost/memory) all screenshots viewable on SkyDrive link below 3DMark (2013): Ice Storm: 174921 Cloud Gate: 37593 Fire Strike: 15669 Fire Strike Extreme: 9056 (9999GPUscore damn ) 3DMark11: Entry: 26584 Performance: 22121 Extreme: 10498 3DMark Vantage: Entry: 94976 Performance: 60240 Extreme: 48495 Unigine Heaven: Extreme: 3350 / 133.0FPS Unigine Valley: ExtremeHD: 5061 / 121.0FPS Full resolution pics and benchmarks: Click here
  4. *** EDIT by svl7: Check here for the vbios files: http://forum.techinferno.com/nvidia-video-cards/3454-nvidia-gtx-titan-modified-vbios-more-control-better-overclocking.html ***** This thread will be dedicated to @svl7 creating some nice vbios mods for the T|I Titan enthusiast community. Remember, do not distribute these outside T|I when the vbios is released and always give credit (svl7) when its due and buy him a beer as appreciation (he loves his beer). 4/13/13: Beta testing under way: GPU Boost 2.0 Removed. Voltage fixed or adjustable. 3DMARK 11: NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3770K Processor,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. MAXIMUS V FORMULA score: P14955 3DMarks
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