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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, A couple of days ago I got a new GPU but when I installed it into my computer I was unable to use it but now I know why. When checking the device manger I went into the events tab of my GPU when I went to view all events, I noticed an error it said " event 411 kernel PnP " and It also said Problem Status: 0xC01E0438. I believe this is why my GPU hasn't been working on my PC. If you know how to fix this problem or have info on how to fix this problem that would be greatly appreciated. I'm also using a EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660.
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to setup a eGPU rig - but no matter what I do I seem to be running into the infamous error code 43. My setup: Thinkpad X220 i5 2.5GHz, 16GB ram (2x8GB @ 1600) Modified 1.43 Bios EXP GDC V8.4D PCI-express Sparkle NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 Dell DA-2 power supply Seemed like a common setup from what I could read before attempting the build, so I wasn't expecting any specific troubles. How wrong I was... Steps I followed: Connect GPU and power plug into GDC, plug express card in laptop while power off Power on the laptop, GDC starts fine, generic VGA adapter is detected Install nvidia drivers, reboot Card shows up, but with error code 43 Sometimes I'd get a blue / black screen of death, and changing the PTD switch to 14s would fix this, but error 43 would still be present. In both cases, hot-plugging the card would work fine - it gets detected in the device manager, but the error would be still there. I had a few times where I got error 12 instead, so I went to the BIOS and changed the TOLUD to 3GB as suggested in some online discussions. That fixed error 12 but would just show error 43 again after reboot. I read it might be a driver issue (although people said it should happen only with the new 10xx series of cards), so I tried several versions of the drivers: latest, 375.64, 372.70, 372.54, but with no luck. Here's a list of other stuff I tried by reading about other people's successful setups / troubleshooting experiences and looking for error 43 related threads: Setting PCIe Power Management off / on in the bios Setting PCIe speed to gen1 manually Enabling / disabling hotplugging for the pcie interface the card is installed in But still no luck. Going crazy over this. Has anyone been in a similar position and can offer me advice? Thanks!
  3. Posted March 27 Hi folks I am trying to do a project feels like a project for me -) with w100er - Windows7 , Intel 3632q, HD4000 , dGPU - 650m and eGPU 1050 - using EVGA 500b as a PSU.. I looked around in the last 3-4 days but I am stuck with error 43 sometimes error 10) . I installed Prema Bios just yesterday after some worries about ruining my good 11inch friend , but that gone well. I tried with couple of nvidia packages and on couple of occasions it get to the point of 1050 recognised as such but not starting - because of the error I presume. 1) I used safe mode / no network to deinstall the drivers using DDU 2) Then again in Safe Mode /no Network i used to install package and disable 650m graphics 3) I looked into Prema Bios but couldn't see any options of PCI enabling for hot swapping ...? I looked into the corecting the .info files of NVIdia installation but could,n make it up what exactly to write and read that if using Premas Bios could be avoided that step. I have tried to find a Bios for w110er with PCI unlocked but the last ones that I found and installed ( just for that reason ) Win7 v1.5 UV EDITION and OUV editions - did not have that options. I saw that BIOS for W230 probably have it but I am not sure could be used in any way /modification for my laptop. I managed to make recognised GTX 1050 and I eve tried to install 720.20 but couldnt despite trying with modified by e .inf files copied lines from 375.63 or 375.95 I saw on forum about success with 1050ti in similar manner - installed 372.20 and straight after that removing Register coded requirements for reboot - another later version Any advice which way to go ? I should decide if I am going to return the 1050 card and go for RX 480 or something else - I preferred Nvidia because I had a thought of using the internal monitor and looks less power hungry ( 1050 ) compared to 1060 /RX 470 Thanks
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