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  1. I am happy to report that I have enabled Optimus using the DSDT override technique after having at for almost 4 hours. My 3DMark06 is 16111. Its weird that my processor clock shows up as 1197 MHz. Should I be worried about my CPU running so slow ?
  2. I have updated my bios to A09, I even tried downgrading it to A02, since I saw yours was on A02. I have setup 1.10b5 currently installed and I was trying to get a 36-bit compaction, but that didnt seem to work. So I guess I will get rid of the setup 1x and go along the DSDT over-ride path. I don't really know low level addressing memory stuff but will try to follow the instructions and figure this out. Was your RAM a single module or 2x 4GB ? Just curious. If I fail at the DSDT override then I might just get some extra RAM and hope that it changes the TOLUD automatically. Thanks !
  3. Thank you so much Khenglish, for the prompt reply as well as for making my eGPU work. Hooking up the external display to the 2nd DVI port did the trick. Although, I don't think my eGPU is performing to its maximum potential, because when I ran 3DMark06 I got a score of 2448 (link). I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I am going to dive into the forums to fish out a solution. Also, would you suggest using Setup 1.x or DSDT over-ride. I have very little knowledge about them both, but I can figure it out? The only thing I don't want to do it do a fresh windows install I would appreciate any input. Thanks again !
  4. Hey Nando, Here is my config : Dell e6230, Core i5 3320M, 4GB RAM BIOS A09 + ASUS GTX 660 Direct CU2 + a PE4L. I tried to enable the eGPU but my TOLUD doesn't change from DFA00000 to CFA00000 automatically. My eGPU does get detected when I connect it, I know so because it shows up in the device manager when I turn it on when Windows loads, and also when I boot with the eGPU running, my internal display doesn't work, my external display also does not work, but I can "hear" windows boot up, login and shut it down with out the main display. Can you please help ? Thanks a ton in advance !
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