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  1. I know, but i thought it was still worth a shot. Either way, I was either gonna fix the Boost problem on my own, or return the laptop to Dell. A technician will come and replace the mobo today, hopefully i will have no more issues.
  2. i dont have a 2GB usb flash drive and they don't sell it anywhere nearby, so i tried it with my 8GB usb flash drive and failed. the only way i can get my hands on a 2GB usb flash drive is if i order one online, but that would take days to arrive. so i gave up and called Dell. a dell technician will be here to replace the mobo, which only takes 2 days. p.s. thanks for the help, though
  3. can someone please translate this to English?
  4. Just like every other 3630QM owner here, flashing any of these modded BIOS will brick your 7720. At first it will work, but once you remove your battery and put it back in, it will no longer boot. Itll power on, but the screen wont. I will attempt to recover when i get my usb flash drive.
  5. just managed to successfully flash your BIOS with menu unlocked. let's see how this runs after a while and let you know how everything goes. fyi, running on a 3630QM Edit: just bricked my 7720. Yay
  6. Like everyone else here, I'm having problems with the clocks dropping back to default and boost turning off after minutes of gameplay. Do you guys suggest I return this to Dell, or should I just keep praying for a fix? I've only had it for 3 days and enjoyed playing games on it...when it works. Ran flash.bat as administrator and still the same probllem
  7. cmd just immediately opens and closes when i open flash.bat
  8. this is frustrating...praying there will be a fix for this. i am a brand new 7720 owner and am extremely disappointed with it...

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