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  1. JUst finished posting the link to the stock BIOS and the screenshot. In case the link to the BIOS is not valid, here is a link straight to the site: http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GE60-0ND.html#/?div=BIOS&nbos=win8
  2. Ah, I get it, gotta upload the file somewhere, I don't think linking the MSI site will work... Also, turns out, someone in the house has stolen all the USB drive so I need to get a new one, will be in around 9am tomorrow, which is in about 21 hours from this post (I live in GMT+12). hopefully I can update my BIOS then and link the stuff
  3. Sure, I'll need to do it sometime tomorrow though. By the latest stock BIOS and screenshot, do you mean mine, or the MSI download link?
  4. Hey guys, It seems that the majority of posts I have seen so far pertain to the gt series in regards to modded BIOS', overclocking, unlocking etc. I was wondering whether anyone had any tips on undervolting the 660m on a GE60-257US laptop, and undervolting the i7-3630Qm. I have read that, in order to undervolt, or even adjust the voltage of the 660m in a GE60, one must use a modded BIOS, and I have seen nothing on undervolting the cpu. I was following a mod thread posted on the laptopreviews forum by Forge, found here: GE60 Optimization/Benchmark/Modding Thread but Forge has since put his GE60 up for sale ( which I would very much love to buy, but alas am an international user ) Thus, there is no new info on the matter. The reason for my interest in undervolting, other than being something techy and cool, is my desire to keep my laptop cool, which is notorious for running ludicrously hot (in the 90-94C range on both cpu and gpu) when gaming or anything resource intensive. The warranty for my laptop is limited and I can't get a better warranty (can't even open the back panel by the looks of things now), so adding copper blocks, sheets and re-pasting is out for the moment. I can't even find a registered serviceman in my area (Auckland, New Zealand) that will stick an mSATA SSD in the thing. If you have any tips, or possibly can link me to a person/company in NZ that could help with upgrades/ modding while keeping tghe warranty, it would be much appreciated. (also, Thank the heavens for the auto-save function! I timed out while writing this ) EDIT: Here is the link to the latest BIOS (hopefully it works): http://rapidshare.com/files/12120769/w8_E16GAIMS.513.zip I will post a screenshot of GPU-Z as soon as my USB drive is found (or when my new one gets here). Here is the screenshot of GPU-Z with the BIOS updated:
  5. I don't quite agree wtith you on that one. True, there is no deny mechanic, which reduces the multi-tasking strain, but the other mechanics and skills such as last hitting, harrass and zoning are still very important. sure the level for entry is MUCH lower in LoL than DoTA 2, but I feel that at the highest level (eSPORTS level, which may or may not be the 'highest level') the skill required is still phenomenal. I don't think any of the team involved in the esports scene play LoL cause they don't want to try, and just because the game at lower level in normal matches fees more relaxed (some like to play drunk, when they feel lazy, tired etc) doesn't mean it translates to the higher levels. That, and success as an esport not only relies on balance and a competitive, skill based structure, but on appeal. a game can't really take off as an esport if nobody, or few people are willing to watch, which is why LoL is doing so well right now, as it currently has a great following. I have been playing since the beta, and while I agree with you to a certain extent, for the most part, LoL is very competitive and being constantly balanced to make it an esports worthy game. I'm sure some other game will come out in the future to be at the head of esports, but for now it is LoL. (wow... that was ranty..... my English teacher would be proud... or horrified at my grammar.....)
  6. Hello everyone. This is my first post, and as the title says, I am a latptop newbie, with the MSI GE60-0ND-257US being my first laptop of any description. I heard that this laptop runs quite hot, and have experienced such heat while gaming and am wondering on how I should maintain it. If you have any tips on cleaning, tweaking, or suggestions on, well anything really (laptop coolers, keyboard/screen wipes, cleaingin equipment, DO's and DON'T's) it would be much appreciated.
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