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  1. well switching the usb power off in the bios didnt help, i'm officially stumped, will it cause any harm if i am continually shutting off by holding the power button?
  2. i tried booting down in safe mode and it's somehow even worse, the screen shows "shutting down" with the progress wheel then it simply freezes on that screen, i know it's freezing because my mouse cursor is visible and it wont move, i'll try the usb power idea and see what happens \
  3. i'm now running the modded a08 from this forum but it's still giving me grief... i think it may have to do with the alien fx software, i've tried re-installing it but it's been no help
  4. I recently purchased a used m14x r1 from eBay and it will not shut down properly, i try to shut down through windows and it does the shutdown sequence but after my screen goes black the fan stays on and the laptop will not shut down fully unless i hold down the power button... i know this is bad for the hdd but i'm currently in school and i need to shut down and power up my laptop 4-5 times a day, any guesses? i am currently running windows 8 64bit
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