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  1. Crazycow

    TH05 Recall Notice

    so the cheapest way to make this happen is the owc helios right?
  2. Crazycow

    TH05 Recall Notice

    Hello everybody! I wish to make a thunderbolt egpu but i found out that TH05 from bplus is no longer an option since intel murdered it. after googling alot, i realise that all the thunderbolt-to-pcie options such as the magma, sonnet, netstor and owc are seriously overpriced since they were targeting professionals who wouldn't mind paying more. what i want is to just find an adaptor, i don't care about power supplies or enclosures. but i fail finding anything, as if the only company that produced this was bplus... so are there any companies offering only adaptors like the th05?

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