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  1. Ok. I'm in Brazil and will be hard to find a compatible card. This weekend I'm going to flash the bios and test it without the discrete card. I might get a cheap nvidia gpu from aliexpress. Will have better performance than the intel integrated gpu. Again, thanks for the help!
  2. Oh, the amd card I can get is from dell. So it won't work, right? I don't really need a discrete gpu. But would be nice to at least try one and diagnose what's wrong with this notebook. If the current gpu is dying, or there's any other problem.
  3. Grabbed the file. Thank you! I don't have any bios preference. Just want to "revive" this pc. It's a normal procedure to swap the card with a random one? Or must use some specific models? It's super hard to find a mxm card where I live but I've managed to find an ATI FirePro M6000 near that I can grab. There's chance of it working?
  4. sonik

    P170em modded bios

    Hi, @Klem, If you still have the files, could you please send me acopy? I'm trying to fix my notebook as posted here:
  5. Hi, I have a sager NP9170 with a nvidia card (675m?). Years ago the notebook started to beep and crash. I think it's a gpu problem. On linux it crash just after booting into desktop. On windows I've got to disable it on Device Manager and it works with the onboard intel gpu. I also got it to work on windows using an external gtx1060 via pci-e adapter. The real question is: It's safe to just remove the mxm gpu? Or it would require a modified bios? If it requires a card to work, I could just grab a cheap one from china? even an mxm2 card would work? I don't need "gaming performance". But as it's currently, I can't even use it. Edit: I might have access to a ATI FirePro M6000. Would it work?
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