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  1. Goodmorning, along with the question of whether or not a GTX 970m could go into this laptop now if someone had a mind to upgrade it again later. I am also curious if there is anyway to keep the bios in UEFI mode and not legacy?
  2. I selected to put the bios back in Legacy because it was now in UEFI mode and then restarted. Then Hard Disk/ SSD Evo 860 popped back up in boot options. Saturday I get the 870m GPU, I am praying that it will work okay. Thank you Klem for all the help so far. I am curious, with the bios being 50X and having the upgraded heat sink for this laptop, could one put a GTX 970m in this laptop if they ever wanted to?
  3. Okay the update was successful. I go back into the bios and my SSD is not an option under "Boot Options". Just cs/dvd, USB cd/dvd, Hard disk, USB Hard Disk (my flash drive), Network :UEFI: Network IPv4 Devise. Do I have to enable something for SSD to show back up?
  4. Okay thank you Klem I will try this when I get home from work.
  5. I also see that there is no option in "Advanced" in the bios for UEFI bios update and found that this bios is in legacy mode. I'm not really sure now about how to get it to UEFI mode. I assume the motherboard supports that mode considering people have flash updated their bios.
  6. Will the 870m still work properly even without bios unlocked? I see you used to have a mod to download for different graphics card but the downloads are no longer available. Is this no longer and option or needed?
  7. Thank you Klem, feeling optimistic about getting the new gpu in now. Your a life saver for sure. I'm giving the laptop to a friend in need of one so I'm trying to tune it up a bit. Thanks again for the advise.
  8. Okay thank you Klem. I edited this post because I did end up finding the 50X bios on MSI website. However I also see a 70X there as well. I should still proceed with the 50X bios update?
  9. So it looks like from this thread a while back that I need to either flash my bios to 51x or 30P for a GTX 8** series to work. All links are dead and I can't seem to find a download anywhere. Thank you for any help.
  10. I have an MSI GT60 0NC that has a GTX 670m graphics card. I have an 870m here that I want to replace it with. I have looked around and found I need a certain vbios and driver but not exactly sure. Could anyone please assist me and help me with the correct files I would need to make this work. Any and all help greatly appreciated. I have found this vbios driver but I am not sure if this is partly what I need. Thank you. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/160565/msi-gtx870m-3072-131
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