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  1. Thank you one more time, that works. My laptop should've had F5/Fn+F5 radio software switch working under W10, but from some (well said) reason it works under W7 only. Hotkey software which is for W7 simply "forgot" F5 key support - rest hotkeys like F2, F6 etc works completely fine. So looks like not only spaceships, but WiFi laptop cards as well can be "repaired" with tape ;-)
  2. Thanks, that works fine, however I've got issues with WiFi turned off (dummy Lenovo thing) under both Win10 installations - Linux works OK, so I need to extend my agony a bit more ;-)
  3. Hi, So I've landed here to get some help with unlocking my old laptop. I must confess I've done few mods before, but it was on PCs, so was a piece of cake - adding Xeon to supported CPU models, or updating OROM to get a system boot from RAID SSDs. But now I'm trying do "the same" with laptop first time and this is a nightmare, mostly due to multiple BIOS vendors/methods, each of which requires own tools, some works with older revisions, some don't, some require 32-bits, some don't, and all YT examples being done using various configs = so in the end: a mayhem. My laptop config is: Lenovo B570e, i5-2520M, 10GB RAM BIOS: 44CN43WW (latest, unmodified), SMBIOS 2.6 Phoenix/EFI SLIC Mod indicates it is an EFI/Insyde BIOS, but entering the BIOS I've got "Phoenix SecureCore Tiano" info WLAN: original damaged, a replacement (by chip) doesn't allow laptop to start - Error 104 Unsupported wireless network device... All I've found so far was: * Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit 2.0 - to make a BIOS dump file (succees) * UEFI Tool - to load dump file, search required module and extract it (success) * WinHex - to search an assembler code boundaries, and extract it (WinHex will not save edits = unregistered version), so semi-success * Hex Editor Neo - to disassembly code, and probably make changes (so far: in progress:)) And I've stopped at searching the JZ/JNZ mnemonics, probably this is because I've got wrong code boundary (from WinHex), which gives improper disassembled program in preview pane. What I'm looking for is a loop, which I try to obey - regarding to some "popular" links describing this method (unfortunately I can't follow these instructions 1:1 as some programs don't work as supposed and crash - like WinHex, yup, some don't work at all and I need to use different tool). One more frustrating thing is I can't find proper tool for final stage - which is good (working) flasher. I can't remember how I've reflashed BIOS previously - must have been years ago - but now PhoenixUEFIWinFlash makes a BSOD (original, executable BIOS downloaded from Lenovo support website uses this program, which shows its GUI for a moment and makes BSOD), and "external", latest Phoenix UEFI WinFlash program doesn't want to work properly at setting up stage. Probably I will have to use phlash16 and FreeDOS, but will see at the end, when I have modded BIOS completed. Any suggestions (or even better - some ready, modded file), please ? Thanks in advance for any help, I appreciate any clue.
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