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  1. 6 hours ago, Klem said:


    If your laptop model is MSI GT70 0NC, then you tried flash wrong bios version. Correct bios version for MSI GT70 0NC is ms_gt70.rom from archive MSI GT70 Unlocked.zip

     Tryed that 2 and same result.... Yes i thought i had a 0nc but nowhere can i find it. E1762IMS.70X bios i have now with 1762EMS2 v506 EC bios


  2. On 8/11/2022 at 1:52 PM, marcelus25 said:

    Hi there,


    What i can tell U that i got 980 mxm card from this very zotac and with default vbios it wont act as normal laptop mxm gpu.

    It wont display any signal on laptop screen just to external monitor, becouse its missing this part in vbios.

    Additionally this gpu has a 6 pin connector with is powered from zotac motherboard, sometimes it wont post becouse there is 6 pin error witch means that its not connected.

    Thats all hints that i can tell You, if by any chance U wont go further with this project pm me im looking for that MB >.>

    Ive putted in a clevo p370sm3 with no optimus and intel gpu , and its give screen with original bios but , none of any vbios will compatible with clevo , in alienware you loose bios fan contron and you need a software for it. I have a zotac mxmx 1070 and hard to find any laptop that is plug and play with it. BTW the clevo 1070 and 1080 cards using a plus power connector , so it will only work with heavy electrical modding, best option to try an msi mxm card or a quadro layout 10 series card.

  3. Im only have the gpu now, and planning to buy an m71x r4 or a 17 haswell laptop.  In the 17 R1 , the pascal series are confirmed to work?

    Edit: when we tested the zotac card in clevo  we find out, that there's some vbios witch are using lvds output,  due to not giving screen to  edp  internal display ( we carefully flashing  vbios to the card , to not brick it with wrong hd id  ). Maybe these vbios can work with lvds 60hz display , saving a lot of money to not upgrade to 3d screen.

  4. Hi, ive got a zotac 1070 mxm card, and tryed in a clevo p370sm3 3d 120hz laptop, after start its giving screen(it is not have optimus and intel hd) so the card is working , have prema bios on it, but after around 30 sec its starts beeping and then after sime time its shuts off, both in bios and windows, I cant find that bios setting enable or disable this thing. In the m17xr4 do You have this same issue or theres a setting in the bios for some options?

  5. Hi, ive got a p370sm3 3d 120hz , and a zotac 1070 , prema bios. Same issue , after bios change its provide screen and windows loads but still beeping and after some time its shuts down automaticly. We tryed several msi clevo alienware vbios but none of them worked.   I assume that the ec is incompatible with the card so no go on with this line, or it cant read temp values from the card so thats why its beeping and shuts down , i cant find in the prema bios the setting for this option.

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