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  1. Hi at all! i wrote because i have a gtx 850m with vbios, and i want to ask to someone with experience or who already did it wich are the best oc settings for a gtx 850M I know oc value is relative depending on temperature and other thing, but how much i can raise at max, the clock, the memory or undervolt of an 850m without problem? I read somewhere that the 850m can became like an 860m? is it true? Regards Samuel
  2. Just finished to update my bios from version 204 to version 210, attach is the dump of my bios. Can you simply explain me what value you modifiy in vbios? With the modded bios the overclock is always present, right? i don't have to activate or use some kind of software for enable that?I can flash the modded bios like a normal one? Wait for your news https://www.sendspace.com/file/3qrlz4
  3. Hi thanks for fast reply, i think it's best to update the bios before mod the bios because i have an old BIOS version, if it doesn't change nothing i prefer to update, you think i should? Thanks, just when you answer i proceed and tomorrow i upload my bios. Thanks GURU
  4. Unbelievable you reply in 1h, amazing. Thanks Klem the right person in the right thread!! I'm really grateful for your help, i'm not a noob then i can make what you ask me without problem, i really appreciate that you spending your time helping us. I want to make things right, then the first question is: Before start i let you know that my bios version on my N550JK is not the latest, then i ask you is best to update to last version or i stay with my non updated version of the BIOS? ( i think it's best to update but i wait your confirm. I don't think the version makes difference but i don't want have problem beacuse i've updated BIOS to last version, i don t know if there is some lock in overclocking in the lastest bios version) If you can reply today i will do my homework, post bios link or update bios and post bios link. I know im in good hands, but if you have time can you tell me wich values you change? you change the core clock and the memory clock only? I've already change this value using afterburner but if i understand modding vbios can result in a big difference, i read that the 850m can became like an 860m? I work in electronics repair if i can help you in something it s a pleasure for me Thanks Thanks Thanks
  5. Hi klem, im new on this community, i've found this thread and i'm happy to find a good person with the skills and time to help us! Thanks in advance I wrote because i ask your help, i have an Asus N550jk with 850m i want to overclock my vbios, because now i use afterburner but don't make big difference, then i think a vbios mod can makes the difference because work more deeply I am wrong? If i upload my bios can you mod for me with the best value, i can make by my own if you can link me some good info about doing that. I play warzone and if you think modding the bios can help me, i want to do. I run windows 10 to modify the bios i need a bios dump from my machine or i can start using the lastest bios available from Asus N550JK support site, or is an unsupported format. Thanks for your support
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