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  1. Recently I`ve been experimenting with RDP to do the heavy lifting for my wife`s laptop in gaming. I`ve learned somewhere that windows server 2019 can share computing and GPU resources with it`s client machines, so I`ve jumped on it, enabled everything I could find in group policy settings about remoteFX and codecs, but RDPs performance was tragic at best, 1 FPS and the game, Age of Conan, had to be started locally on the server before I could take over on the laptop. I`ve also tried Steam streaming, which was brilliant gameplay wise, but as soon as I locked the screen to change users on the server, Steam dropped. Is there a better alternative to RDP or maybe I am missing something important? I admit that I forgot to try creating a domain or to restrict RDP to UDP only, but I`m not sure if that would have made any difference. Buying a key for the server OS would be a cheaper option than buying a new PC.
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