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  1. Hello, some of my computer specs are as follows: CPU: I9-9900k GPU: RTX 2070 memory: 32 GB (forget the manufacturer/ clocks) Dsanke bios mod I recently bought a 1440p screen that is 120hz capable, but it does not allow me to select the 120hz option. I have checked numerous places and all of the websites say that this screen is 120hz enabled. I have the dsanke bios mod on my computer. I see people being able to use this screen's 120hz functionality, but I can't get it to work. Any suggestions? If you need any additional information about my laptop, I will be happy to provide info.
  2. Did you ever manage to change the refresh rate to 120 hz? I have the Dsanke bios mod on my clevo and I think that is the issue. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
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