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  1. You can use this banking app as well https://m4bank.com/. It's a great app and will be quite useful if you're dealing with money. I've been using it for a while, it's really convenient.
  2. LastDay

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    It's great, thanks!
  3. I wanted to install some automation stuff or at least do some research on that topic, but then I hired a company for home disinfection, so maybe later. I live in LA and Muraway seemed the best option among all disinfection services in the area, so I chose them. I want to have my house sanitized because of COVID.
  4. I still play Dota 2, but I spend lots of time in CS:GO as well. By the way, if you're seeking a good marketplace, I can recommend DMarket - it's been really helpful to me for a couple of months already. It's the perfect place for item trading, even if you're interested in items like glove case. You also can trade items for Dota 2 and many other games there - I hope it would be useful.
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