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  1. Hi, does anyone plays dota 2 here ?
  2. Mikeyro

    COD Warzone

    Any players of COD Warzone here ?
  3. nice website, you made it yourelf or is just a template ?
  4. Hello everyone, I have a weird problem with my laptop. When i lower the resolution from 1920x1080 to 1366x768 i get alot of frame drops in Dota 2, CS:GO and i don't get it why ? Runing on a lower resolution shouldnt it make it better ? When i run at 1920x1080 i have average of 90-100 FPS , when i go low to 1366x768 barrely hits 60 and it drops alot of frames. My specs : i5 2450M GTX 570 1.5 GB 12 gb of ram, 2 sticks ( 8 and 4 ) I noticed something weird in CPU-Z on my ram on my 8 gb stick says DDR3L and on my second one DDR3. Both running at 800 mhz bcs i can't modify that stock bios Any clues why i have that frame drop ? its because of the ram ?
  5. Hello everybody My name is Mike 25 years old from romania living in germany im a tech nerd and i like to share my knoleage and learn more from you. Ive read alot on this forum and i want to learn more. I have a desktop pc with pretty old tech AMD Phenom II X4 Black edition 955 OC to 4.1 Ghz. Radeon 7770 OC edition 16 GB of ram And a pretty schetchy Laptop branded One Gaming Laptop that is based on MSI MS-16f2 i5 2450, GeForce GTX 570 .12 GB ram, 500 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD And a Lenovo Z50-75 AMD A10-7300, MX255, 8 GB of ram 60 GB SSD 500 GB HDD Im happy to meet you, Greetings for u all
  6. And the rest of the drivers ? This bios works for my laptop ?
  7. Thanks, any ideea where i can find the lastest drivers for my laptop ? My GTX 540M is stuck with nvidia 391.35 And the rest of them ? I had some trouble with Audio over HDMI no sound came. Re installed the driver and it didnt make a difference, tryed with DDU also.
  8. Hello, I have a few questions and idk if this is the right place so sorry from the beggining I have this One Gaming Laptop that is based of MS-16f2 First of all i want to upgrade my CPU now is an i5 2450 with GTX 570M and i bought a i7 2630QM , do i need a bios upgrade or mod or is it just plug and play ? And second this bios is suported by my Laptop if i flash it ? How to flash this bios bcs i dont see an option into bios to update or anywhere else
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